Victrola Suitcase Record Player Review

Record players were a thing of the past– until Innovative Modern technology restored the legendary brand Victrola greater than a century after its starting.

Currently with some adjustments, the traditional Victrola record player has brand-new components contributed to it to improve performance and audio quality while maintaining its classic appearance.

The Victrola Bluetooth Travel Suitcase Record Player is a wonderful portable entry-level record player that’s perfect for music lovers and also newbie enthusiasts. As well as considering its retro style, also offers itself to being among the best travel suitcase record players on the marketplace.

You do not require substantial knowledge about turntables, as this product is easy to use as well as run. It’s also budget friendly at a rate range from less than $50 as well as much as concerning $60.

You don’t need to invest much cash to acquire it for yourself or purchase as a gift for your children or loves ones.

It is compact and light-weight, so it is simple to bring as well as save. Furthermore, it doesn’t take great deals of room. Its dimension makes it an outstanding choice if you reside in a medium or small-sized apartment  however don’t have a lot of storage room to save.

Sadly, this is not the kind of electronic device that you bring to large events. Its speakers do not give enough volume power that’s required in open-space locations.

For that reason, if you like to party around, this is not the machine you offer liven up the mood.

A Remarkable Range of Styles Available:


Let’s take a closer look at the Victrola VSC-550BT Record Player.

This is a Victrola suitcase player  and this is a perfect beginners turntable or if you don’t have a lot of space or you just pick the styling of this beats anything else out there this is a great primary turntable so I’m going to show you how to get the most out of this turntable including some tips and tricks you’re not going to want to miss this.

So here is the Victrola suitcase player this one is in this kind of Tiffany light blue let’s take a look around and  outside. It have built-in stereo speakers so you don’t need any external speakers. Can you and how do you hook up speakers? Yes you can and I’ll show you how to hook up speakers because that’s definitely a popular request but know that you can always use these built-in speakers. It also has nice little metal caps on the corners to help protect it on the bottom, you’ve got rubber feet which are really important for giving it stability when it’s on a flat surface as well as some sound insulation, it’s because vibrations can show up in the sound you don’t want it to.

Let’s go ahead and take a look inside.You can see that you’ve got a lot of controls but don’t get overwhelmed. It may appear that this is a whole heck of a lot of stuff but it’s really not too much. It’s definitely like riding a bike. I’ll tell you how to use each piece and then once you get the hang of it you to be able to operate this thing easily. It’s really not difficult.

The very first thing you want to do is power it up so the power cord that comes with it and unfortunately there’s not a place to store the cord but you’re going to want to plug it and then the other end right into any outlet that you have in your home. Also you can see some outputs you can connect to your stereo system if you have one. 

Now once you open the lid and it’s powered on you’re gonna want tostart with this knob in the bottom right hand corner. This is the power switch and volume knob. Once you turn it on, you’re gonna see this light up, that’s the power light and then this will become your volume knob, so start with it kind of down low so you don’t blow yourself away but that’s the first thing you’re gonna also notice right below that there’s a headphone jack so you can plug in any headphones, you want to get that true high-quality audio experience without disturbing your neighbors or the people above you or below you. If you’re in an apartment just above the power and volume switch there is a source selector switch, so you can switch from BT which means Bluetooth line so it doesn’t come with a cable but if you have a cable that’ll fit, that it’s the same size as a headphone jack, you can plug it into a tape player or CD player, something that doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity and when you connect it to this system really becomes a full-featured stereo system. I’m not going to go into it now but basically you’re going to pair this device to your phone like you would any other Bluetooth device.

Under the tonearm you’re gonna see a couple of switches, this switch is the auto stop switch it’s either in the on or the off position depending on where you have it set. The platter will either spin by itself all the time or only when you rotate the tonearm over it. Above you have the speed selector switch so 33 RPM are typically the big 12-inch records, 45 RPM are typically the seven-inch records with a big hole and you have to use the adapter. You’ll see the lever that is called a cueing lever and what that does, is it allows you to raise or lower the tone arm gently without having to grab it and drop it onto the record which may damage the record at the back of the tone arm. It puts a little pressure on the back and relieves pressure and weight from the stylus so that it doesn’t press down too hard onto the record.

Pressure onto the record is called tracking force. This track at about 5 grams which is perfectly acceptable and will not damage your records, although they are a bit heavier than some higher-end models, that track between one to three grams, so they may wear out the record faster but unless you’re playing your record a thousand times a year, you’re really not going to notice any difference. To the left of the tonearm assembly is the 45 RPM adapter so when you play the 7-inch discs with a big hole you’re gonna need this adapter. All it does is allows the larger hold record to fit onto the turntable. It does nothing besides that and when you’re done or you’re not using it just stick it right back.  I want to show you what this auto stop switch does. So in the auto stop, switch is in the on position it becomes somewhat automatic in that, the platter will only spin once you rotate the tonearm across it and while we’re on the subject of tone arms make sure that you put clip down in place when you’re not using it, so that this doesn’t fall out if you see this red part that parts replaceable, so the needle is replaceable. The cartridge which in this case is a ceramic cartridge that the needle connects to, convert the mechanical movements of the record into sound that you can hear is not upgradeable, so what you can do though is you can always replace the needle when it wears out although that will happen very infrequently. So don’t worry about that when it starts to sound muddy and dull and you start losing noticeable sound quality that’s the time to replace it but that’s going to be years down the road, if you’re using this thing normally it’s not going to be something you have to worry about. 

Platter is the part of the record player that spins. There’s actually a motor and a belt underneath, it turns the platter and depending on what speed you have it selected – it’ll spin that many revolutions per minute or RPM, so that the sound is at the right pitch and so these record players have a smaller platter than some you’ll notice that have a bigger one, those are full-size. This is not a full size however it’ll play any size record it allows it to fit in a smaller package, but it’ll play any record you want, also it does not require a slip map because it has these rubber nubs that allow it to grab any record and spin it and protect it properly.   

Most records, that are the 12 inch of variety are going to be 33, so we have our speed selector switch set to 33 RPM. Never touch the record surface because it can damage it, the oils and your fingers are not good for the vinyl and for the grooves, so we’re going to gently place the record right on to the top of the record player like that and unclip the tonearm right here and we’re gonna gently lift with our thumb and you can kind of push on this little stick that hangs off the side push back and lift up and then rotate over the record and gently gently lower or you can use the cueing lever, that we talked about earlier, where you just lift it up, rotate this over and then you can pull back on the cueing lever and that’s a whole lot easier, than being shaky and dropping it, which is something that I do from time to time and then you can control your volume.

I hope you now know some of the tips and tricks of the beautiful Victrola suitcase player and a lot of these applies to other suitcase players as well, not just a Victrola. They are similar but they all have their own little uniquenesses.

Stay vinyl!

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