Crosley portable record players review

Who hasn’t dreamed about their own record player? Modern realities are such that the boom in analog sound has swept actually everybody. And currently even people far from the ups and downs of the High-end world are not averse to obtaining something exclusive – that is, a record player. It suffices to be at least a little music enthusiast in your soul to love these outstanding tools once and forever.

If what I have just claimed is a common reality for you, right here is one more for you: vinyl players are costly. Not every person, specifically a beginner music enthusiast can or is ready to toss out over a thousand bucks per gadget. The inquiry emerges – are there budget plan options? Naturally there are. As well as below I have to claim: do not expect the same audio from affordable record player as from top-end pricey designs.

Therefore, let’s talk about a couple of budget models made conscientiously: where design, assembly, and sound will delight their owner. Meet Crosley’s portable suitcase players. Is Crosley a good record player? In this article I will talk about two models at the same time: the Crosley Executive Deluxe and the Crosley Cruiser Deluxe.

Crosley Cruiser Review: Features

  • 14 by 10.5 by 4.63 inches:very small and ultra-portable design
  • 5 pounds:one of the lightest on the market
  • Wooded suitcase design bound in leatherette or velvet material:gorgeous and portable
  • 5 mm auxiliary input slot:allows smartphone or tablet connectivity
  • Bluetooth capable:connect to the same devices wirelessly
  • Can play records at speeds of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM:will play any record
  • Dynamic full-range stereo speakers:good sound quality for the size and price
  • RCA and headphone jacks:connect more powerful speakers or a pair of headphones

Not everyone dares to fork out for 500 or a whole thousand dollars. Nevertheless, there are inexpensive models, and our task is to help you find decent devices among their abundance.


In spite of their price, the Crosley models look remarkable: they even have their own special taste. The turntables imitate portable retro models made in a suitcase. The cases are closed, the lids are firmly locked – and the tools can be carried by the handles. As was normal of such portable devices at one time, both models consist of everything you require to listen to songs, consisting of built-in electro-speakers (unless you need to supply power).

I’ll start with the Crosley record player deluxe, namely Crosley Executive Deluxe. This suitcase measures 39.5 x 17 x 39.5 cm and weighs 5.8 kg, tightly wrapped in eco-leather and has a retro design from the 40s. We got to see the brown color option, but there are also black and white models. On top of the main covering along the edges, the body is also trimmed with wide strips of black eco-leather (the white model has red stripes, and the black one – white).

The material of the cover is matt, tactilely pleasant and really well-finished. No bumps, depressions and other difficulties were discovered. The very same applies to the embroidery of additional “flaps”: white threads are utilized in all shade variations – thick and durable.


In the corners, in the place where the cover meets the base, the body is lined with steel components, the same material is used for substantial latches, bolts and a rather long handle. All this is set on screws as well as stylized as an old worn bronze (patina). The handle is also cut with a dense layer of eco-leather – in the color of the side trim. It looks fascinating and well made – everything is fine.

At the base of the case (back side) there are 4 rubberized legs and exactly in the center – a somewhat recessed panel with useful adapters. There is a power port, USB 2.0, RCA and AUX connectors. On the sides of the case there are rectangle-shaped steel meshes, behind which are hidden electrodynamics.

We open the case. The lid folds back about 100˚ and is trimmed on the inside with a velvety black fabric with the company logo in the center. I’ll talk about other “insides” in the next section, but now let’s move on to describing the appearance of the Crosley Cruiser Deluxe.

The Cruiser Deluxe is very similar to its brother: the same case with legs at the base and a handle with latches on the front. The dimensions are slightly different – 35.6 x 26.7 x 11.8 cm, the weight is noticeably lighter – 2.5 kg. Instead of eco-leather, the turntable is covered with a retro-styled textile material reminiscent of tweed. There are, again, beige, white and black (herringbone – Herringbone), red and dark turquoise. The last two are smoother, albeit with a matte surface.

Instead of two latches, one is used here – in the center, and on the sides of the front part of the case there are speaker meshes. The corners of the case are upholstered with metal, while in the case of the Crosley Cruiser Deluxe, unpainted aluminum is used for all elements. Other external elements are similar to those of the Executive Deluxe model, except that the color of the fabric on the inside of the lid is not black, but white (black for the red model, and turquoise for the turquoise one).

Design and capabilities

The filling of both models practically does not differ from each other, so I will describe everything at once. The top panel of the base (table) of the players is made of matte black plastic. At the same time, the surface does not bend and feels quite reliable. On the left side there is a platter, on which the record is placed – again, plastic. To the right is a tonearm with a metal base and polymer elements in the structure.

On the right side there are two rotary controls: tone (Pitch) and volume. The second one is also the power button of the device. Next to it is a light indicating the status of the player. But the switch button located a little higher is the activator of the Bluetooth mode, or rather the choice between a wireless sound source and a vinyl disc.

A replaceable Crosley NP6 pickup is installed on the tonearm – if it breaks down, you can replace it on the company’s website. The Crosley record player needle is ceramic, the tip is sapphire. The portable record players work with discs of various sizes (the adapter is recessed into the case on the main panel) and can spin records at three speeds: 33, 45 and 78 rpm.

During playback, sound is emitted by the two above-mentioned electrodynamics. Both are three inches in diameter and each has a built-in 2W amplifier. The models are connected to the network with complete adapters with output parameters 12 V, 0.5 A. When the record is played, the light is red.

The sound from the turntables is clear, detailed and deep. Without a doubt, there is a noticeable roughness in the sound and vibration that are absent from the super-powerful models, but the magic of analog sound is fully felt here. The Crosley Cruiser Deluxe differs from the Executive Deluxe in a tighter midrange and slightly better bass.

A feature of both devices is the ability to play music by connecting to a sound source via Bluetooth. Crosley bluetooth record players use 4th version of the module, so the working distance is at least 10 meters. In addition, any source can be connected to the devices via a cable, and the sound of the players themselves can be output to an external speaker system. In the latter case, the sound quality increases exponentially, especially in the low frequencies.

Summing up

Both Crosley portable record players reviewed are budget options, but very high quality budget options. For this money, one would expect unscrupulous assembly, mediocre materials or a disastrous sound – but there is nothing of this at all. Both models are impeccably made, look very interesting and sound pretty good overall. For aspiring audiophiles, both portable record players can be recommended with a clear conscience. Let me remind you that the Crosley Cruiser Deluxe costs a little more, and its sound seems more dense and dynamic. The Crosley Executive Deluxe sounds softer.

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